Nathalie Ghioni Founder & CEO
Customer's comments
Customer's recomendation

Each times we need some creatives done, especially movies, we'll turn to Nathalie!
She's been a great service provider - making 5 of our movies now. She's creative, professional and quick. She's also able to accommodate frustrating customers who keep moving the goal posts and asking for changes.
Much admired - much appreciated!

Nathalie knows what she does and is a pleasure to work with.
Great communicator and
very supportive.
Can highly recommend.

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About our 2D animation studio

So, you've decided you want an animation for your website! You are making a great choice but you don't know where to start as you're not creative and don't know anybody who is!
In comes our 2d animation studio! :)

Find out our steps

There are a lot of things you are going to need help on, and the most important is telling your story.

Fortunately, we are experts at that - just give us a few details about your product or service and we will craft a great story and create the illustrations!

From there we will design the animation and then begin production. Finally, one of our superb voice actors will narrate the text before we weave together the magic to create a masterpiece custom video productions of your story!

Here is what you will get

  • Great story telling in your message
  • professional illustrations, storyboard and animation
  • High quality voice over work, sound effects and music

Just fill out a few details about the project on one of our forms before we can begin work on one of your custom video productions. Once you have done this, we'll send you back a draft of the scripts, a list of voice talents and style frames for your approval. We always take feedback on board and will make any recommended changes to the scripts that you desire. Next, we'll send you the full storyboard - this is where you will see, in illustration format, what the finished video is going to look like. Once again, we will make nay changes that you request and once you are happy with this, we will do our magic with our animated intro maker and other software to produce your animation. We are still able at this stage to make minor adjustments to create the perfect animation for your needs!