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  • Bapak and Ibu: A Honeymoon in Indonesia June 25, 2015
    My now husband Paul and I just returned from our honeymoon in Indonesia. It was a great mixture of relaxation, sunshine, culture, and adventure—all things I look for in a vacation. Here are some highlights from the trip. #### Crystal Bay Paul and I spent the first few days on the coast of Bali in […]
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  • Communicating the Complicated With Video at ConforMIS and Onshape June 25, 2015
    Complicated products and processes are difficult to explain online. Text often falls short (or drags on for too long), and static images are inherently limited in the amount of information they can provide. In order to convey information effectively, many companies are turning to a more immersive and dynamic tool: video. We talked with Tim […]
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  • Welcome Customer Champion Gordie to Wistia! June 22, 2015
    We're super excited to welcome Gordie Smith to the Wistia customer happiness team! We got to know him a bit better with a quick interview. Read on to learn more about why he's excited about working with video, what he's been learning in the past year, and a cool place to see waves crash into […]
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