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  • The Ma Project July 23, 2015
    In every episode of *The Golden Girls*, Dorothy (Bea Arthur) says "Ma" at least once. I captured and analyzed 170 of those "Ma"s across all seven seasons. For your viewing pleasure:   wistiaEmbed = Wistia.embed("swgwwxp19v", { videoFoam: true }); I've always been interested in the melodies of human language. Being a *Golden Girls* fan, I […]
    Lauren de Lench
  • Instagross July 16, 2015
    I posted my first Instagram 170 weeks ago. It was a picture of a cocktail, filtered, and captioned "Happy Birthday to me." It got 3 likes. Now, this could be because I only had a handful of friends at the time, or it could be because THIS IS THE WORST. I have lectured myself about […]
    Kelsey Miller
  • How We Nearly Missed the Flight that Changed Our Business July 15, 2015
    In November of 2011, Ben asked us to fly down to Atlanta to meet him. Ben, as in Ben Chestnut—the founder and CEO of MailChimp, the world’s leader in email marketing, sending 10 billion emails for their customers every month. Their team had been trying out Wistia to host their marketing and support videos. At […]
    Chris Savage