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  • 5 Ways to Enhance Your Pay-Per-Click Landing Pages with Video February 9, 2016
    You've spent weeks conducting keyword research, building out tightly-knit campaigns and ad groups, and crafting click-worthy ad copy... Pop the champagne, you got the click! But wait, what happens after the searcher clicks on your ad? Unfortunately, the click doesn't come close to guaranteeing the conversion. Remember, your lead isn't paying for that click. They […]
    Margot da Cunha
  • #WistiaChat with BluLeadz: Master Your Marketing Strategy February 8, 2016
    We recently announced the launch of the Agency Partner Program at Wistia, and we couldn't be more excited about it! We can't wait to start helping agencies and their clients thrive with video marketing. The launch of our Agency Partner Program also coincided with Digital Agency Day. Go figure! This was a day of virtual […]
    Jenny Mudarri
  • Produce Effective Video Testimonials with These Storytelling Principles February 5, 2016
    Patrick Moreau spends his days telling stories through his filmmaking at Stillmotion and helping others learn the power of story through their Muse storytelling process. He's worked for some big brands, directed several documentaries, won some Emmy Awards, but more than any of that, he loves the craft of storytelling. Testimonials and case studies are […]
    Patrick Moreau