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  • Announcing Wistia's 360 Video Player and 360 Heatmaps May 2, 2016
    Video has the ability to humanize business by providing a window into the qualities and people that make a company unique. With 360 video, businesses can do more than let viewers see through the window—they can invite them inside. Today, we're thrilled to announce that Wistia has built a home for your 360 video content. […]
    Naike Romain
  • It's Time to Invest in Virtual Reality April 28, 2016
    In the last six months, there's been a lot of discussion around virtual and augmented reality. Facebook just announced an open-source 360 8k video camera. The Oculus Rift has begun shipping to pre-orders. The New York Times has been pushing VR. And 25 million people have downloaded Google's Cardboard virtual reality app. But here’s the […]
    Chris Savage
  • Back to the Future: Boston VR Meetup at Wistia HQ April 21, 2016
    Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to host the Boston VR Meetup's 37th meeting at Wistia HQ. Around 100 virtual reality and 360 video enthusiasts gathered for a night of educational lightning talks, immersive VR demos, and dumplings.   ### Lightning talks We kicked off the talks with Marshall Moutenot, an engineer on the […]
    Naike Romain