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  • How Summer Camp Prepared Me for Life at a Tech Startup February 27, 2015
    This post is part of our Non Sequitur Fridays series, which will feature a different Wistian's take on a non-Wistia-related topic each week. It's like our "employee of the month" but less "of the month"-y. Dan Mills works on music and creative at Wistia. His last Non Sequitur was about Rhode Island. Life at a […]
  • Busting Through a Creative Block February 25, 2015
    We've all been there before. We have to write something, and we can't seem to gain any momentum. Our ideas hide away in dark recesses, and that cloying voice arrives right on cue to remind us, "you can't do it." In these moments, I usually turn to chocolate. Or artichoke dip. When that doesn't help, […]
  • Our Fondest Memories from WistiaFest 2014 February 23, 2015
    As we prepare for this year's edition of WistiaFest (our video marketing conference), we've inevitably found ourselves talking about what worked (and what didn't!) during last year's 'Fest. As far as things we loved, one of the central themes is the people. All of the attendees were passionate about video and, perhaps more importantly, were […]