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  • Video Marketing Tips for Dentists (or Any Small Business) May 26, 2016
    What would you do if 24% of the population feared your business, you only saw your customers twice a year (on average), and there were competitors on every block of your city? If you're a dentist, these challenges probably sound familiar. Luckily, digital marketing and video are at the ready, just waiting to fill reclining […]
    Meryl Ayres
  • How to Set SMART Goals around Video May 25, 2016
    As a former communications student, I am no stranger to the SMART acronym. When I was first introduced to this framework, I thought most business acronyms were cheesy and lame. Then, one day for an entrepreneurship class, I was tasked with running a small on-campus business for a semester. You better believe I set up […]
    Jenny Mudarri
  • What do Video Bandwidth Overages Really Mean? May 23, 2016
    In an ideal world, we'd all proactively track our videos to see if they're succeeding. But sometimes, instead, we're caught by surprise by a "metric" that's rarely seen as a metric at all: bandwidth usage. Learning that you exceeded your bandwidth limit might seem worrisome at first glance, but it's actually a good thing. More […]
    Alyce Currier