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Archive for September, 2014

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  • Introducing Wistia's Newest Feature: Privacy Mode June 11, 2018
    You shouldn't have to choose between your viewers' privacy and collecting meaningful data about how your videos are performing. That's why we're excited to share with you our new feature, Privacy Mode. When your account is in Privacy Mode, you'll be able to collect to all the same viewer data as before, except IP addresses […]
    Brendan Schwartz
  • Becoming More Intentional with Your Video Ad Strategy on Facebook June 6, 2018
    With all the hype around using video on social media, you're probably pretty eager to dive in and start making video ads right away—but not so fast! When it comes to Facebook, some of your videos will be a home run, and others might die a slow, painful death right there on your page. In […]
    Jenny Mudarri
  • How and Why We Decided to Invest in a Referral Program June 4, 2018
    This May we launched Sudbuds, a referral program for our webcam and screen recording tool, Soapbox. One month later, and we have over 300 participants and a steady stream of referrals rolling in. And while it's still too early to measure success, we're feeling pretty good about our initial results so far! After all, we've […]
    Dee Dee deKenessey