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There is love in our stories

There is love in our stories

There is love in our custom video production

At Your60Seconds, we are a team of professional artists and graphics specialists who lovingly create custom video productions for business websites, mobile apps, start ups and anything else you might need. At our 2d animation studio we create cool animated content that is informative, professional and fun. We love what we do! We offer an unlimited number of edits until you are satisfied you have the perfect product.

Why do custom video productions work?

Remember when you were young and your parents put you in front of the television to mesmerise you with cartoons? That feeling will never have gone away and even now as adults you'll watch something like The Simpsons. With a booming film, television and video game industry – animations have become a large part of our lives; naturally, it can also form an essential part of marketing.
Research has demonstrated that effective use of animations in a marketing campaign can triple a business's sales - visitors are five times more likely to browse more of your website, and 40% more likely to visit the store where there is an effective introductory animated video. Copy writers also understand the important of an engaging visual medium to accompany quality text. Potential customers are drawn to high-quality commercial custom video productions and sharing them across social media, giving you extra exposure. When videos go viral, that's a lot of free exposure for your business! To put it simply: Animations are engaging and effective.
Our animated intro maker and team of highly-skilled professional designers can help you to market your product or service effectively and help you realise those greater sales.


The right animated video maker and the stages of building your 2D animation

There are many things to consider once you have taken the decision to use a 2d animation on your website or as part of your marketing. Initially of course you are going to need an idea - a story and the marketing concept behind, what you wish to portray to your existing or potential customer base. These are things you are going to need before you even look at which 2d animation studio or animator to use, for the visual concept. Before we can produce your masterpiece, you will need a writer and a storyboard creator - customers expect a sense of story to your animations. We will dedicate time to your story and create the perfect one. Once this is complete, the illustrator will design the graphics as well as any characters you might use in the animation. It is important at all stages of the process remember that you are conveying a message to potential customers about your product or service and why they should buy from you. You could do it all yourself for next to no cost, or you can hire any number of freelancers for each stage of the process. However, Your60seconds uses the best available animated intro maker technology to create animations that are perfect for your marketing needs; what's even better is that we will handle the whole process for you.